Our mission

A no-nonsense approach to taking care of your body!

At Every Bit Fit we train as sculptors, not weightlifters. Our system is a distinct mix of resistance training and cardiovascular integration.

Based on a series of 3-4 back to back exercises using super, triple, compound and giant setting. We employ lighter weight with strict form adherence. This elicits greater muscle detail and definition.

We Pledge to deliver the finest customer experience by always delivering great energy, a motivating attitude, and 100% focused sessions.

Our experience

Personal Training - 18+ years
Diet & Nutrition - 9+ years
Weight Loss/Manaement - 20+ years

Core goals

  • Education is our number 1 priority! Every Bit Fit – Fitness & Nutrition is a leading educator in Arizona, bringing cutting edge knowledge to our clients. We bring the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Training by weaving preventive medicine and medical exercise into all our training sessions. We set a much higher standard than the current industry!
  • Every Bit Fit – Fitness & Nutrition, employs the Powerful Professionals! We are the most driven experts in the industry. We excel providing outstanding service to our customers by constantly building our levels of education. Its a life long obsession for us.
  • Precise Intelligent Individualized Fitness Programs – One shoe never fits all. We are Arizona’s leaders in performance training for people from all walks of life and age. We believe every decision we make has a powerful impact on the individuals health and wellness. We execute smart fitness and nutrition,and provide the appropriate tools to to enhance everyones lives.
  • An Industry Role Model – We strive to be the best in business practices. Going above and beyond. Providing only the best in customer service to our clients.


  • I’ve been working for 4+ years with Rivak.  He’s been a huge motivator and he’s helped me lose weight, eat better and get fit.  He’s customized a program for me and that’s probably the most important thing.  You see, I travel almost weekly and he’s helped me find a way to “fit in” a workout program.  He keeps me accountable, even when I’m not seeing him every single day.  If you’re serious about getting into shape, call Somagenesis.  If you aren’t sure, stay on the couch and buy some bigger jeans.

    Anne Riley
  • Rivak has been instrumental in my recovery from injuries, and provided a much more balanced strength and flexibility program. I’m now stronger than before and have a more efficient workout schedule that yields better results. He is experienced and has a thorough knowledge of exercise physiology. My principal exercise activity is ultra-marathon cycling supplemented with racquetball and skiing. Besides technical expertise he also can adapt to changing personal goals, and provide important motivational messages. I’ve tried yoga, Pilates, and traditional physical therapy. Rivak’s sports performance training style easily surpasses all of them!

    Bill Sheffler
  • Rivak at Somagenesis provides intelligent, customized, and thoughtful workouts that draw upon his considerable medical background. He is 100% attentive during the workout and makes the workout fly by while educating on the why’s and wherefores of what each exercise does for the body. He is careful to explain how to avoid injuries during workouts, and can work around previous injuries or limitations. Rivak advocates for a healthy diet and works closely with his clients on this. Following his plan is transformational!

    Loretta McNeely
    Executive Assistant
  • Rivak is an outstanding trainer and a great person. I have worked with him for over three years–started while pregnant. I was in fantastic shape when I gave birth, labor went very smoothly and pushing was easy. A week after my daughter was born, I actually weighed a few pounds less than when I became pregnant. I have stayed with him, because I see results. I become a lot weaker without him around to push me. He also knows just how to hard to push a person to challenge then without making them want to give up. He has a significant amount of medical knowledge, which, as a physician myself, I greatly appreciate. His professionalism and knowledge truly enhance the workout experience. Did I mention he comes to the house too? Talk about convenience! No excuses to avoid the workout. No equipment at home? No problem! I am continually amazed at how tough Rivak can make a workout in a small amount of space with minimum equipment. I find his rates to be reasonable as well.

    Tamara Scalise, MD
    Medical Doctor
  • In the past four years of working with Rivak I have found a man more dedicated to me than I was to myself!  He will keep you accountable to what you say you want but can’t seem to achieve on your own. With the variety of workouts and nutritional advice I am physically and mentally stronger. I am 50 and feel 30!

    He is tough and into getting you results. If you are serious about yourself he is the Man!

    Alisa Ludwig
    Occupational Therapist
  • Working with Rivak as my personal fitness trainer has been the best personal health decision I have made in decades. He developed a tailored program for me based on my health goals and physical condition (including a detailed review of lab results from my last physical) and keeps me focused on actions required to meet my health and fitness goals. In one year I lost 6 inches from my waist and saw huge strength and cardio/endurance gains. Reliable, knowledgeable, focused and enthusiastic, he’s an amazing personal trainer.

    Kevan Bradshaw
    Senior Partner Assurance

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Rivak Hoffman

Certified Personal Trainer &
Medical Exercise Specialist

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